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So, um, I don't know where this idea cam from
But um, at the start of August, should I do a thing where I'm a different pokemon/animal for that month, or until I get bored?
Wanna know what you guys think
Also wanna know what pokemon/animal you want me to be

EDIT: Ok, when I said, "for that month", I only mean August. I'll be back to being a blaziken in September XD

Side note: The reason I haven't been doing a whole lot is because I'm doing a secret project with :icondarkdragon-phoenix:
She said I was allowed to tell you what it is, but I think it's more fun to keep it in the dark. Cuz I'mma jerk
Lulz :iconpervychampplz:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Super cool dev ID made by Zyaryu


Hello! I am Champloon, but if you don’t enjoy the word loon, just call me Champ or Ryan. I am a blaziken that writes short little stories when I’m bored. Despite writing being a hobby, I am working on making it much better. I mainly write transformation stories, but I have done a few other things.

Don’t be afraid to say hi. I’m a nice person always willing to talk whenever I’m on. I obviously like pokemon…A LOT…but I do enjoy a bunch of other things too. I’m am very tolerant of other people’s opinions, likes and etc, and as such do not get mad that easily. Although, I can be a bit derpy sometimes. XD

I am currently not taking any requests, but I hope to again soon. When I do, I’m willing to do almost anything as long as it doesn’t get too adult. I enjoy experimenting. ^^

Super amazing artists and people

dA Family(Random people welcome):

:iconjamie-the-luxray-95: Adoptive father

:iconzyaryu: Adoptive mother

:iconjd02022092: Shrinking Dewott brother

:iconpersonqwer: Living Piñata gardener

:iconraysblayde: Demented desu potatoe lordress without gender

:iconwucariolf: Uncle? Brother? Idk

:iconmidday-mew: Mew friend

:iconbluecrocodile: Insane Croconaw sister

:iconsupertyism: Half-human half-Snivy Brother

:iconzeonbelial: DSL Father (real father)

:iconskyzhema: Real Mother

:iconespeon196tf: Espeon pet

:icondustomega: Dragon brother

:iconjesseuhhyeah: The chosen one

:iconsucater: Youngest brother


:iconphantomphoenick: Shadow Lucario brother

:iconthegreatkingbowser: Older brother Blaziken

:iconwolfang123: Anthro wolf friend

:iconhardhatshetland: Silent Enigmatic Cousin who seems threatening but actually isn't

:iconshaprite91: Typhlosion uncle

:icondragondestruction: Dragon Cousin

:iconwolf-prince-leon: Wolf Brother

:iconreviantpoemftl: Random Brother

:iconwlth: Spazzing Russian speaking bird

:iconwarriorsrpgmembah: Overly chatty sister

:iconfirework154: Mewtwo

:iconrneat: Kitsune Sister

:iconmyseriousmystogan: Otaku obssesed lucario brother

:iconluketheemewtwo: The glasses Mewtwo brother

:iconninjaguyi: Adopted ralts son

:iconjune-lol: Other adopted son (I'm uncreative :p)

:iconimmortalfire367: Baby Brother

:iconkit-the-wolfy: Wolf Therian Brother

:iconnotmolo: Master

:iconreshicatz: Mareep Brother

:iconshiiriru: Wolfie brother

:iconclyde-the-snivy: Hyperactive little brother

:icondragonrapt0r: Pet raptor

:iconxxartstlily101xx: Adoptive Dancing Pink Lucario Sister

:icondruddy: Druddigon bro

:iconmint3465: Archeops cousin

:icondragnseeker: Adopted lucarior son

:iconandytheshinyvictini: Shiny victini predator friend

:iconjdprilou: Shapeshifting Human/Lugia/Dragon brother

:iconrei-nanami: Desu pon pon kawaii sister

:iconprof-zoro: Prof. next door

:iconreadyunknownfox: Koopa Troopa brother who's shell I like to kick

:iconkoiko-destol: Adopted Daughter

:iconphoenix-hound: Anthro black dragon Cousin

:iconhuman72: Brother who is a pokemon trainer

:iconnatetwist99: Glaceon cousin

:iconmolotoxics5: Younger Cousin who is not sure if human or Blaziken

:iconblack-kyurem-aegis: The Golden Noivern

:iconthesmearglemaster: Smeargle bro

:iconbawdywawdy: Oshawott cousin

:icongoldenmariokirby: The epic puffball brother

Paper Champloon by Yoshij1hadjournal doll for champloon by SadisticSHOTAChamploon Color by JCLinaChamploon Gijinka by frandlleFS - Champloon by twilightwolfqueen409PC: OC Champ Lick by BlueHibiskusChamp chibi by RaysblaydeChamploon icon by NeoThePikachuChamploon commission by LunariiiChamp The Blaziken :PC: by Wolvesou5115Chibi Blaziken - Commssion by MotherGarchomp622.: Love birds :. by Celtic-PREDATORComission 0003 - Champ YAY! by GeniusRKO35Icon PC :: Fire to My Soul by TwistedZepherPC : Champloon by Solar-ParagonCommission for Champloon by LaughingZoroark:PC: Champ the Torchic by DragonPledgeDon't Stop Me Now by AncientDragonessIron Artist 2013 (#17) - Champloon by RyusutaYu-Gi-Oh Orica #4 - Champ by BigFriendlyLucarioPumpkin by Violindaire-samaComish for Champloon by nanXInanCommission for Champloon by oriepChamploon by DragnseekerHappy 16 years, Champ! by Morderek511Champy bdaaay pic by RaysblaydeChampMedic and DemoSloth by SargeantSlothThe Closest Thing To Flying by RaysblaydeJamie kiriban prize by RaysblaydeBlaziken Icon for ~Champloon by PokeManiac-StuTiny Pixel- Commission for Champloon by Heatphones:PC: Champloon by Inskaia

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